Deftones’ guitarist Stephen Carpenter has really went gung-ho with bad opinions in an unfortunate appearance on a podcast.

As per Metal Injection, in under two hours, Carpenter revealed the following: he believes the earth is flat, he doesn’t believe that vaccines are worthwhile, and he doubts the coronavirus pandemic. That’s quite the hit rate.

He made the controversial claims while appearing on the conspiracy theory podcast, Tin Foil Hat With Sam Tripoli.

Regarding his thoughts on vaccines, Carpenter said, “[There’s] never been one single vaccine that’s ever worked ever. All poisons, you can never get it out of your body, [your] body has no means to expel it.” He added, “It’s stuck in you forever and you just suffer with whatever it becomes.”

As for his theory about Earth? “If you think you live on a spinning, flying space ball, you’re in a cult.” he said. “The simplest terms for my perspective with flat Earth is simply, I know we’re not on a spinning, flying space ball. Now, what it actually is and all that and, and, and to what depths it goes to, that’s all still to be discovered and people are working on those things.”

Not content to stop there, Carpenter went on to express his frustration with COVID-19 and the wearing of masks. He said the mass participation in mask-wearing is similar to a “clown show” and asked people to stop “embarrassing” themselves. Pot calling the kettle black, Mr. Carpenter.

It’s a shame coming so soon after Deftones released their outstanding ninth studio album, Ohms, back in September. Their first full-length record in over four years was widely acclaimed, with Consequence of Sound describing it as “their hardest-hitting effort in years.”

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The band are already working on their next release, a 20th anniversary reissue of their third album White Pony but that won’t be without controversy now following Carpenter’s ranting.

If you so wish, you can listen to the full podcast episode here.

Check out ‘Ohms’ by Deftones:

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