NFTs have taken over the music world in the past year but don’t be expecting Kanye West to be joining in anytime soon.

In a new Instagram post, Ye made his feelings about non-fungible tokens very clear. “STOP ASKING ME TO DO NFT’s I’M NOT FINNA CO-SIGN… FOR NOW I’M NOT ON THAT WAVE I MAKE MUSIC AND PRODUCTS IN THE REAL WORLD,” he captioned the post.

The picture he shared revealed a handwritten note stating what he intends to focus on instead. “My focus is on building real products in the real world,” it reads, with “real food”, “real clothes”, and “real shelter” also added.

“Do not ask ask me to do a f–cking NFT,” the handwritten note continues. It ends with the words “Ask me later”, which means that maybe Ye will consider entering the NFT space in the future.

The hip hop mogul has been genuinely backing up those “real world” claims recently. He reportedly wants to hire homeless people from L.A’s Skid Row for a fashion show to help the city’s homelessness crisis; he donated thousands of meals at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic to those in need in Chicago.

He’s probably too preoccupied to consider NFTs right now anyway. Ye has been preparing his upcoming album, Donda 2, which is slated for release on February 22nd. It’s been reported that accused rapist Marilyn Manson has been working every day alongside Ye on his new album.

Other artists haven’t had a problem entering the NFT market though. It was revealed this week that Justin Bieber has joined the Bored Ape NFT craze, buying one for a reported price of $1.29 million. Lil Yachty, meanwhile, has sued an NFT seller for using his likeness without his prior consent.

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