Nandi Bushell is back at it again, this time tearing her way through a powerhouse cover of another Slipknot song.

The talented young drummer has been constantly impressing with her insane covers of classic rock anthems such as her take on ‘Where Is My Mind?’ by Pixies. The 11-year-old multi-instrumentalist has tackled songs by everyone from Muse to Blur, Audioslave to Rage Against the Machine.

Her latest might just be her best yet though – a cover of ‘Duality’ by Slipknot which has even got praise from the metal legend’s own drummer Jay Weinberg.  “You’re the best, Nandi!!” Weinberg said on Twitter. “Always crushing it!”

Bushell made sure to wear a mask of Slipknot guitarist Mick Thomson to really get into the mood as she stormed through her cover. She also gushed about her love for the band on Twitter. “It’s true, one of my favourite bands so far is @slipknot,” she wrote.

“I love drumming with double pedals. Its so satisfying! Both @jayweinbergdrum and Joey Jordison are awesome drummers. But I really, really love Jays playing! True fact, I actually listen to #Slipknot when I go to bed #metal.” It’s not her first Slipknot cover either, the drummer having previously took on ‘Unsainted’.

Away from her covers, Bushell rose to fame for conquering Dave Grohl in a furious but friendly drum-off that ended when Grohl rightly conceded defeat.

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Slipknot, meanwhile, are set to play Knotfest Iowa and Knotfest Roadshow this year. Just take Bushell along for the concerts, she clearly knows her way around their drum parts. I’m sure Weinberg won’t mind that much.

Was this Bushell’s best cover yet? What do you think she should take on next? My shout is for anything by The Wiggles. A nice change of pace.

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Check out Nandi Bushell’s cover of ‘Duality’:

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