Fresh from mercilessly pranking their boss, triple j Breakfast presenter Liam Stapleton has scored himself a call from Jimmy Barnes, jokingly taking him to task over a recent impression of the music legend.

Just last week, it was confirmed that this year’s AFL Grand Final entertainment was set to contain none other than Cold Chisel frontman Jimmy Barnes, and US group the Black Eyed Peas – who just announced their first album in seven years.

Needless to say, triple j’s Liam Stapleton decided to imitate the rocker, delivering a brief send-up of Barnes performing a rendition of the Black Eyed Peas’ 2009 hit ‘Boom Boom Pow’ to the tune of ‘Working Class Man’.

However, it seems that Jimmy Barnes soon got wind of this mockery, calling up the lads this morning to take them to task over their imitation.

“I’m ringing in because I believe you guys have been doing bad impersonations of me,” Barnes asked, posing simply as ‘Jimmy from Adelaide’. While Liam was unsure if it was the real Jimmy Barnes on the phone, he soon quizzed the rocker on a topic the pair drunkenly discussed at the ARIAs last year.

After passing the test, Jimmy Barnes lightened up a bit, noting that he felt Liam’s impersonation was actually quite humorous, and offered to duet with the radio host at some point down the line.

Of course, this isn’t the first time that Ben & Liam have made the news recently, with a prank war between their boss reaching pretty wild heights just yesterday.

After waking up their new boss, Lachie Macara, with their Wednesday Morning Wake-Up Call twice last week, Macara got revenge by luring the boys into the studio for a fake Kendrick Lamar interview on Saturday morning.

Not content with letting it end there, the pair then turned up at Macara’s house on Wednesday morning, waking him up with the help of a bagpipe player. Clearly, Lachie Macara had had enough by this point, and a truce was called on air later that morning.

While the prank war appears to be over, and Jimmy Barnes appears to be on good terms with his fellow Adelaideans, we can only assume it won’t be long before Triple M’s presenters start ringing up triple j to complain.

Check out Jimmy Barnes’ ‘Working Class Man’:

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