Daniel Johns has poked fun at the new GQ Robert Pattinson cover, pointing out that it bears a striking resemblance to the artwork for his podcast.

In case you missed it, Pattinson is the latest GQ cover star, with the actor sitting down with the magazine for a lengthy interview ahead of the eagerly-awaited release of The Batman.

There were lots of interesting little nuggets of information, including that Pattinson enjoyed dabbling in making ambient music while still wearing his Batsuit, and that he used to hold his wand like a gun while filming Harry Potter.

The styling of Pattinson for the cover pictures was also fascinating – like a cross between Guy Fieri and Machine Gun Kelly, it’s a bold choice on behalf of the makeup department.

But Johns noticed an even more uncanny resemblance. GQ have used the tagline “Who is Robert Pattinson?” and there’s a reason that syntax may sound immediately familiar: it’s also the one used by the Silverchair legend for his podcast, Who is Daniel Johns?.

The shaky writing style is the same and Pattinson even looks a little like Johns with the bleached blond hair and eyeliner. There’s also probably no way that GQ wasn’t already familiar with his podcast, given that it’s appeared on massive billboards in Times Square and it overtook Joe Rogan as Spotify’s most popular podcast in Australia.

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That prompted Johns to create a series of Instagram Stories ribbing the magazine for not properly crediting him for the style inspiration. After posting a back-to-back comparison of his Spotify artwork and the new GQ cover, he explained: “in 2015 I was named @GQAUSTRALIA musician of the year… Your new cover shoot with Rob is eerily familiar… I don’t expect credit… I don’t expect to be acknowledged… I do fucking expect free tickets to the new Batman tho.”

So there you have it – a man who knows what he wants. No over-the-top adulation and gratitude, simply a couple tickets to his local multiplex to see the caped crusader in action again.

Johns also hilariously shared fan mock-ups of Johns and Pattinson switching roles. Someone superimposed the rocker’s head over Pattinson’s on the Twilight cover; someone else made a meme asking, “Who is Cedric Diggory?”, with Johns head replacing Pattinson’s HP character.

All this story needs now is Guy Fieri to demand a public apology for not thanking him for the hairstyle inspiration and we’re golden.

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