The BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge has really been bringing the big covers this week. After Lil Nas X celebrated the release of his long-awaited album Montero with a crooning cover of Dolly Parton’s country classic ‘Jolene’, Lizzo has now put her own spin on the mammoth BTS hit ‘Butter’.

As per Billboard, the singer appeared on the Live Lounge on Thursday, September 23rd, and didn’t pick an easy path with her cover choice. She put a funky spin on the all-conquering BTS’ single ‘Butter’, belting out the summer anthem with verve. BTS had actually performed ‘Butter’ themselves when they popped by the Live Lounge earlier this month.

‘Summer anthem’ is not an editorial by the way: Butter was legitimately named the Song of the Summer, having topped Billboard’s Songs of the Summer chart.

Lizzo gushed about her love of BTS before performing her cover. “I love the song, love how positive their music and how funky it is, so I was super excited to sing this,” she said, also adding that she’s always “singing it around the house anyway.”

“I have dedicated my artistry to making positive music, and BTS does just that. The world has fallen in love with them because they are so sweet and pure and they’re just good-hearted. And I wanted to bring some positivity into the world via their song.”

There was no sense of phoniness either, with Lizzo and BTS’ friendship being well-documented. She recently posted a freestyle based around their friendship after being prompted by an ARMY member. “I love you, you love me, just like Jimin loves some V/ Gooey like that butter B/ Gooey like that butter B/ Say I like you, you like me/ BFFs like VMIN, G,” she rapped in the Twitter video.

As well as ‘Butter’, Lizzo also performed ‘Rumors’, her Cardi B-featuring single that made it to number four on the Billboard Hot 100 last month.

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Check out ‘Butter’ (cover) by Lizzo: