Just incase anyone had grown bored of the long-running and seemingly never-ending Drake and Kanye West feud, Machine Gun Kelly decided to shake things up this week by picking a fight with Slipknot.

The pop-punk weasel tried to mock the metal icons for wearing masks in their 50’s – that guy who recently dyed his tongue black, correct – and Slipknot replied in kind, posting screenshots that really called MGK’s bluff.

In honour of the latest in a long, long line of ridiculous feuds, we’ve decided to take a closer look at 8 other silly music beefs,

Battle of Britpop

Music historians will have you believe that there was a distinct divide between Blur and Oasis and their respective fans in the 90’s. On one side were the art school intellectuals, sporting knitted jumpers and round glasses; on the other the parka-wearing cocky louts and lads, just out for a good time.

The truth is there really wasn’t that much between them, with the rivalry definitely being overhyped by the never-reliable British media. Noel Gallagher might have once said he hoped the band’s Damon Albarn and Alex James would “catch AIDS and die” but by 2013, the trio would be performing together onstage.

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Oasis vs. Oasis

Oasis’ silliest and biggest beef has been, wonderfully, with themselves. Everyone knows by now that brothers Noel and Liam Gallagher despise each other; ‘despise’ might not even be strong enough.

Siblings are always wont to fight but some of the pair’s public tirades towards each other have been laughable. Shockingly it’s been Liam who’s reached out with more olive branches recently but Noel hasn’t received them with kindness.

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Imma Let You Finish

It’s difficult to even write about this one, it’s so silly. One of the most unexpected music beefs emerged in 2009 between the hip hop mogul with the god complex and the then-country pop sweetheart. Yeezy took to the MTV Video Music Awards stage just as Swift was receiving an award, yelling that Beyoncé should have won instead. Beyoncé cringed in the audience; everyone else cringed at home.

Despite apologising, Kanye decided to restart the beef in 2016 with some pretty graphic lyrics in his song ‘Famous’. We just need Swift to storm the stage when the rapper’s getting an award and the circle will be completed.

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Eminem v literally everyone

Slim Shady can be a little angry, can’t he? Over the last few decades, Eminem has come up against a huge number of enemies. For every Machine Gun Kelly that he’s belittled, there’s a feud with Christina Aguilera or Mariah Carey.

He’s found himself at odds with artists as varied as Will Smith and Insane Clown Posse. Truly the music beef gift that keeps on giving.

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Miley Cyrus v Sinead O’Connor 

A blink-and-you’d-have-missed-it music beef. The outspoken Irish singer wrote an open letter to the pop star back in 2013, just after THAT ‘Wrecking Ball’ video came out. O’Connor warned Cyrus that she was being “prostituted” by the music industry, which probably came from a position of sincerity.

The youthful Cyrus didn’t appreciate the advice, taking to social media to mock O’Connor’s mental health issues. They later seemed to move past it, with Cyrus calling O’Connor an “incredible artist”. And with Cyrus certainly finding her style as a mullet-sporting rocker recently, O’Connor would no doubt appreciate the control she’s taken over her artistry.

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Garage Rock Blues

Jack White and The Black Keys really should have been too mature for this beef. The latter’s Dan Auerbach stated in an interview that White had blocked him from entering his Nashville studio. Then in documents which emerged during White’s custody battle with his ex-wife Karen Elson, he allegedly accused Auerbach of “ripping off” his music.

Despite apologising to The Black Keys in 2014, their drummer Patrick Carney claimed the following year that The White Stripes singer had attempted to fight him in a New York City bar.

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Mark Kozelek Being A Generally Bad Dude

Mark Kozelek, the once renowned dour singer from Sun Kil Moon and Red House Painters, has turned out to be a pretty bad dude. Even before all the sexual misconduct allegations, Kozelek acted strangely in a feud with indie rock band The War on Drugs.

In 2014, angered that noise from their set had drowned out his own performance on an adjacent stage, Kozelek recorded the song, ‘War on Drugs: Suck My C*ck’. The band’s Adam Granduciel had the correct response, calling Kozelek “such a douche.”

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